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Paasproject, Hendrik de Keyserkerk

Beemster Art Route
Hendrik de Keyserkerk, Middenbeemster

27 - 28 maart 2016  

Exhibitions, Show

Graduation Show

The Graduation Show took place at
the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

From 4 - 8 july 2012

Title: The voice of things
Installation with objects that dissolve

Thesis: Object as a Performer, redefining the design of objects from one on one relational perspective between man and object.

Exhibitions, Show

Art Arnhem, Object

NotYourAverageObject (Nyao) tassen gemaakt van Mariëtte Wolberts 'Ridge collection' te zien op Art Arnhem

Eusebiuskerk, Arnhem
30 oktober - 1 november 2015

Exhibitions, Show

The Magic of a Print

Beemster Art Route
Hendrik de Keyserkerk, Middenbeemster

From 20 - 21 april 2014

Exhibitions, Show

Moving Object

Try-out van de ademende tas tijdens de Beemster opendag 2015

Hendrik de Keyserkerk, Middenbeemster
14 mei, 2015

Exhibitions, Show

Daily Change

The exhibition Daily Change,
material in movement took place
at Art centre Corrosia, Almere

From 26 jan - 24 maart 2013

Curator Saskia van der Kroef


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