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Works, Visual Design

Website Stijlhuis

Webdesign & Visual Design

Works, Visual Design

SNS Reaal Concept Store

Retail Design visual design for store interior

Works, Visual Design

Vanilia Fashion

Graphic Design
'How to dress' style guide, giftcard
and onther brand expressions.


Works, Visual Design

Cnote House Style & Identity

Visual Design / Digital Design
Logo, Visual Identity and layout for example: PowerPoint and Word templates, stationary items and Cnote’s website.


Works, Visual Design

KLM Staff Behavior

Concept Visualisation of a program
resulting in KLM behavior that
'wows' across all touch points


Works, Visual Design

KLM Self Service Check-in and Bag drop off

User Experience Design visual design clear illustrations and animations

Works, Visual Design

VBAT Brand & Design

Graphic Design
Internal communication project

Works, Visual Design

Expresso Fashion

Visual Identity / Digital Design
Develop a corporate identity which contains enough practical tools and guidelines to enable employees of Expresso to make their own ‘on brand’ materials for daily use.


Works, Visual Design

Restauratie NZH-trambrug, winnaar Erfgoedprijs!

Grafisch Ontwerp van NZH-trambrug
Bennebroek. Winnaar J. van Lennep Erfgoedprijs 2015

Works, Visual Design

Gemeente Den Haag 'Werkplein'

Uniform ontwerp print materiaal voor werkcoaches ter ondersteuning van het traject Direct aan het werk

Works, Visual Design

Winner Spark! Design Award

Door-to-door for change aims to break the cycle of inherited poverty for families who’ve been on social assistance for years.


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